• Your destination for corpus- based language- learning courses:

    • Consciousness raising activities, task based assignments
    • Serving teachers, students, researchers in colleges, universities, institutions, language schools and high schools.
    • Vocabulary acquisition and writing skills development
    • Fully online, interactive, innovative, contains an LMS teacher's administration area
  • The Song of Myself

    An intergrated content - based writing program featuring

    "Journal Writing for awakening Human Potential & Developing the vocabulary of feelings and emotions."

    - Trudie Heiman

  • The Lexical Portfolio

    • Designed to help students learn all of the first 2000 most frequent words in English.
    • Promoting the understanding of and use of collocations to improve fluency and correct word use.
    • Includes games, songs and interactive fun.
Welcome to Lexicalport - For Corpus - based e-Learning Language Courses
Lexicalport is dedicated to providing corpus - based CALL language learning courses for students, teachers and institutions.

Designed for false beginners to intermediate-level EFL/ESL students in university, high school and other language programs.
All courses include a custom-made LMS (Learning Management System) which gathers data for teachers and students on their progress.
 The Lexicalportfolio: A 4-Skills Lexical Approach Course

bull The Lexicalportfolio Course is an online corpus-based, e-learning course promoting the acquisition of all words missing from a student's personal lexicon in the 0-1000, 1000-2000 high frequency bands.(With default options for AWL or TOEIC words for higher level students ready to move on.) 

bull The LexicalPortfolio Course includes a number of classical pre/mid and post tests to determine vocabulary size and progression.

bull It promotes the development of computer and Internet research skills and the understanding of why learning all the first most frequent words (0-2000 frequency bands) are critically important for all language learners.

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